Ravengard - FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions
Here you will find replies to the most common problems and questions you may have.

What game servers do you currently host? As of today (Monday, October 7, 2019) we currently host 1 server for SCP: Secret Laboratory. We're getting ready to release our Minecraft survival server.
Why was I banned from [US East] Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server #2? "You've probably been temporarily banned by the administrator or you don't meet the requirements of the server (e.g. connection to Steam)." It's unlikely you've been banned from the server unless you were breaking the server rules. It's likely that the server is just full, and the game shows this error whenever a server is full and there's no player slots available for you to take. Just wait a while until a player leaves and try again.
When are staff applications open? OR How long for my application to be reviewed? For game server staff applications, talk to someone with the @Staff Leader role. The status of whether or not applications are open will be announced in #⭐staff-applications. For your application for the Discord staff team, please message someone with the @Discord Admin role.
Can I appeal a ban from X game server? You may dispute your ban if you feel that it was given wrongfully, but if the staff member who issued your punishment provides valid evidence that you violated our server guidelines, your ban will remain in effect until the expiration date, if any is specified.
How do I get the @Veteran role? You must be a member of Ravengard for 3 months* and be an active member of the community. You must "stand out from the crowd" and be picked by the owners of the community.
How do I get a unique/personal role? You get your own personal role by supporting us on Patreon. Check out the channel for more info on our Patreon at #⭐patreon.
What game servers does Ravengard offer? In the past, we have hosted a Rust server and a Minecraft server, but for now we're primarily focusing on SCP: Secret Laboratory. We're planning to reopen the Minecraft server in the near future, but that project is still undergoing development.
PLAYER (12345678912345678) team-killed you at DATE TIME AM/PM. Screenshot this message as evidence for THIS IS NOT OUR SERVER. We get people coming to us all the time about this. This is a plugin that is used in [US East] Official SCP:Secret Laboratory Server. We host [US East] Official SCP: Secret Laboratory Server #2. We have 40 player slots, and the other US East server has 20 player slots. Our server name is yellow, theirs is red. If you get this message, then you're not on our server. We're two separate communities. Please don't come to us complaining about team-killing when our server doesn't even have friendly fire enabled in the first place.

* = Subject to change as the community grows in population and age.