1. Do not argue with our staff.

2. Do not demand the staff for higher ranks.

3. No bullying other members, along with telling them to take their own life. This will NOT be tolerated.

4. Please don't start any drama or arguments in this community.

5. Don't share links or invites to other Communitiys or Discord Servers in any channel or PMs.

6. Don't cause trouble in the community. If we get complaints, actions will be taken

7. Everyone is welcome no matter how long you have been a part of this community.

8. Absolutely no racism or hate towards anyone based on their background or personal life.

9. No offensive, degrading, or racist content may be posted. Nudity/gore/etc.

10. Foul language is permitted as long as it isn't used in an insulting manner. If a moderator decides that you're being offensive or insulting, he/she may take any necessary action regarding the post you sent.

11. Don't spam tag anyone, and only tag a staff member if you're in need of their help.

12. Do not post any images that may be considered offensive. Repeated offenses will lead in administrative action.

13. Keep all channels safe for work except for the categories/threads marked as NSFW.

14. Keep all chats in related categories/threads.

15. Going around a punishment will result in a ban from the forum, game server and Discord server.

16. Encouraging other users to break the rules will result in consequences.

17. Stick to the rules posted for the related game server and categories/threads.

18. No discussion of piracy/torrenting or anything related to these topics.

19. No advertising of any kind.

Rules apply to all threads, game server and Discord server, if not mentioned otherwise.