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Ravengard SCP: Secret Laboratory How-To Guide

So, what's this game all about? SCP: Secret Laboratory is a game located in a maze-like laboratory, where lethal science experiments, known as SCP's have escaped containment. In this Lab are multiple classes. Some classes, such as the SCP's, are simply out to kill every other class, while other classes, like Scientists and Class D's are simply meant to escape.


Class-D: The lowest of the low. Class-D's spawn with no items on their person and start in the most isolated part of the facility within the Light Containment Zone. Their objective is to escape the base alive. The majority of players will spawn as a Class-D. Class-D's are antagonistic towards all classes except for Chaos Insurgency forces. You are not expected to survive.


A member of the Foundation's science team. Scientists spawn with a Level 2 Scientist keycard and a medkit. All scientists spawn in a random location within the Light Containment Zone. Their objective is to escape the base alive. Researchers are allied with MTF forces who are expected to assist in your evacuation.


The SCPs make up the primary antagonists of the round. There are currently four 4 SCPs in game. SCP-049 is an entity that visually represents a 17th century Plague Doctor which kills Humans and resurrects them as zombie-like creatures. SCP-096 is a monstrous humanoid entity that goes into a near uncontrollable rage whenever directly observed by a Human. SCP-106 is a humanoid entity that can phase through solid matter and works to capture and murder any Human it can find. Lastly, SCP-173 is a sentient creature made of concreate that can move extraordinarily fast while it is not being looked at by other players. All SCPs are working together to exterminate all other Humans in the site.

Facility Guard

Facility guards are security personnel employed by the Foundation to protect site assets. At the beginning of a round, there is a high chance a small group of guards will spawn in the Entrance Zone. No additional guards can spawn. Guards are lightly armed and attempt to rescue any science personnel, as well as slow the spread of escaping SCPs until reinforcements arrive.

MTF Epsilon-11

A Foundation special forces squad deployed to contain the SCP breach. A MTF squad has a high chance of spawning during the first 'reinforcement' wave, a certain amount of time after the round starts, and may be deployed into the Lab as the game advances (and as more people die). The MTF are very well equipped with advanced Foundation weapons and equipment. Their objective is to contain the escaping SCPs and terminate any Class-D personnel, as well as rescue any surviving Scientists.

Chaos Insurgency

A splinter organization of the Foundation. The Chaos Insurgency is antagonistic to the Foundation. A squad of CI forces have a small chance of spawning at round start, and a small chance of spawning later on in the round continually in leu of a MTF squad. CI forces are not as well equipped as the Foundation troops, being armed with more traditional armaments. Their objective is to rescue any surviving Class-D personnel, terminate any surviving Scientists, and exterminate any Foundation MTF forces.

Containment Zones

Light Containment Zone: The Light Containment Zone (LCZ) is one of the more heavily contested areas of the game due to the high presence of players and useful items that either spawn or appear in this zone. The classes that spawn here are Class D, Scientists, and SCP-173.

Heavy Containment Zone

The Heavy Containment Zone (HCZ) is a dark, foreboding, and dangerous area of the site that holds an array of important items. While the HCZ will be mostly abandoned in the early stages of the round, it will become highly contested as the game goes on. While it is very dangerous, the HCZ offers multiple hiding spots for the brave Class-D's and Scientists. SCP's 049, 096, 106 and 939 all spawn here.

Entrance Zone

The Entrance Zone consists of the office spaces for Foundation employees, and is the main nexus of which the exits to the facility can be found, and as such is often patrolled by arriving MTF forces or hostile SCPs looking for victims. All players must come through here at some point. Facility Guards spawn here.


Action Control
Movement WASD
Stealth Walking C
Use Voice-Chat Q
Jump Space
Action button. Open doors and pick up items. E
Sprint Shift
Inventory Tab
Open Pause Menu ESC
Open Developer Console Tilde
Next Slot/Previous Slot Scroll Wheel
Exit Menu ESC
Chat T
Voice Chat V
Reload Gun R
Toggle Music PageUp


When in Spectator Mode use LMB and RMB to show different players.

You can search different shelves by holding E.