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Thank you to everyone who have supported us since the beginning.

Giving Thanks & Talking Server Specifications

To start, we have finally managed to get our hands on the new dedicated server. The server costs $123 USD per month, so we can definitely use all the support we can get on our Patreon. We couldn't have gotten this server without the help of our patrons and especially Razer for contributing so much to this community. This server runs with two Intel Xeon CPU E3-1241 v3 processors, both quad-core, meaning we have 8 cores at our disposal. Our server has 32 GB of memory available and a dedicated, unmetered 1Gbps network port. The port is unshared, so our players will have the best network connectivity to our game servers. Our server is currently being hosted inside a Cogent Communications data center located in Buffalo, New York.

We not only provide quality hardware and networking for our game servers, but we also have a XenForo forum for all of our players to register on and give us feedback, report rule violations, talk to our staff or give us suggestions for more game servers or features we can implement in our community. We do our utmost to communicate with our players so they may have the best experience possible in any gaming community. We pride ourselves on professionalism but we can also be fun. If you follow the guidelines, we'll all get along great. Violate the rules and we enforce them with swift and punishment.

Game Server Details

Now, onto the details of our game servers that we currently have as well as our plans for future game servers. As of right now we have a SCP: Secret Laboratory game server as well as a Rust game server. As of typing this, I'm also currently working on bringing a Minecraft server into the community. Later down the road we're planning to have a Garry's Mod server and potentially a DayZ Standalone game server. If you have any suggestions that you want to give us for other games to host servers for or maybe you want to suggest plugins or mods to implement into the servers we currently run, you may do so on the forums or our Discord server. Our SCP: Secret Laboratory has plenty of plugins to help fix bugs as well as implement some other neat features. Our Rust server has plugins that are mostly for managing and monitoring the server. For our Rust server, we're mostly aiming for a vanilla experience since players enjoy vanilla Rust servers. Our Minecraft server will start off as vanilla, but later I intend to take suggestions from players on what plugins they'd like to see added to the Minecraft server. As for the Garry's Mod server, we haven't quite made a decision on what game mode we want to focus on. The main ones we have in mind are Murder, Death Run, DarkRP or Prop Hunt. Of course, we can run multiple Garry's Mod servers, each with its own game mode, which we may end up doing.

Staff Opportunities & Community Partnerships

As we release more game servers, we'll open staff applications so that you may apply to volunteer your time to help us keep our servers in line and enforce the community and server-specific guidelines. Very soon we're going to open applications again, so look out for that. We're also open to opportunities to partner with other communities to help both of our communities to grow. For partnership opportunities, you may contact Razer. He's currently in charge of partnerships until we find a dedicated partner manager.

About Ravengard's Leaders

@Kuolema is an avid computer gamer and is also obsessed with computer security. He works mostly with Windows and Linux OS, namely the CentOS and Ubuntu distributions of Linux. He has experience mostly in web penetration testing, fraud analysis and prevention, server security and some networking as well. He's currently studying C++, PHP and reverse engineering with the x64 architecture.

@Razer is one of the smartest minds when it comes to just about everything. He's talented when it comes to running a community and managing a staff team. Razer has a lot of life experience and is a usually a pretty sociable person when it comes to talking with the users of the Ravengard community. Razer is super-friendly and easy to get along with if you're and honest and kindhearted person. Razer isn't all laid-back, however. He can strictly enforce the rules far more efficiently than anyone else in the staff team, giving him the nickname "The Hammer". He's skilled with Discord servers, Discord bots and forums as a whole. One game Razer is commonly known for destroying people in is Counter-Strike: Source. Razer is an all-around amazing guy and you should definitely get to know him.

@Mellow loves computer games but also loves going out and enjoying nature. He focuses his time to his real-life occupation and spending time with his girlfriend. At times he'll also stream on Twitch and talk to everyone. He's an overall friendly guy and really easy to get along with. Definitely a sociable person and definitely a good friend to have. He likes to have fun but, as everyone else in the staff team, will enforce the rules as necessary. Mellow definitely helps keep the community alive and kicking by talking with everyone and keeping as many people as he can entertained. During his free time, he enjoys playing in our game servers. To get to know more about him, take the time to talk to him yourself. You'll enjoy his enthusiastic personality. He's a very outgoing person.

Miscellaneous Information

For more information, don't hesitate to ask one of our staff or make a thread on the forums here. Thank you for staying with us and supporting us since the beginning. We hope you see you in the future games we host, as well as in our Discord and on our forums!
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